Saturday, 30 January 2016

Return to Robotech RPG Tactics

It has been over a year since I last played Robotech RPG Tactics.  Why?  Well there is the whole Wave 2 debacle, my other games (20mm WW3, and Bolt Action) and parenthood soaking up most of my time.  The SDF-1 table has not moved past the concept phase and probably won't for awhile. 

That aside, my interest has grown again.  This week I give you a revised Quick Reference (new blast rules) with the basic units from Wave 1 included in two addition sheets which you can use to make Zentraedi and UEDF quick reference cards.  Just click the link below.

 What next?  Well I am going to finish Jack Archer's Wolf Squadron and maybe a 'Mars Base Revisited' Campaign where the UEDF sends a mission to reclaim Mars from Zentraedi bandits.

Bon Appetite!