Friday, 31 October 2014

6 Buildings Completed

First off, I read on the RRT Kickstarter that Showdown pledges are beginning ship, so perhaps I am a month away from getting my wave 1 order here in Ontario.  Let's hope I get my order before Christmas.

Back to Mars Base:

I found a few hours to complete 5 buildings so far.  Details were added to the Mecha hangers and 2 other buildings made from wood boxes I bought at Michaels.  Doors and hatches were added from plastic card stock.  In most of the pictures form Mars Base Sara, the buildings have an orange stripe added for colour, which I tried to replicate.  40mm tall Conan is back for height reference.

I am going to take a break from buildings this weekend and focus on constructing the 4'x6' game table. First I'll make the supporting frame out of 1"x3" timber. 

More pics to come.

Monday, 27 October 2014

First Buildings

Construction began today on Mars Base Sara.

That's Conan in the pic with the buildings.   He stands 40mm tall for perspective purposes.

I assembled the three mecha hangers and one of the large sky scrapers out of foam board and card stock to resemble the buildings as seen in the pic below.  I still to do some lettering on the hangers, but I think even Karl Riber would approve.

Sunday, 26 October 2014


Here is a sketch of my initial table layout.

The buildings are based on what I can see in the below pics from the show.  This area of the mars base seems to be where the majority of the action took place.

It looks like there are a series of 3 hangers in pic 1, then a large bio-domb behind it, along with a tall building.  The surface looks like concrete made from the martian soil with painted road lines.  There is also some piping that connects some of the buildings.  I took some liberty moving a building or two around, but I believe this plan will adequately resemble the base and allow for 60+ figures to skirmish on it.

Now I am off to Walmart to buy a hamster ball to use as the bio-dome.


Like many of you, I supported the Robotech Rpg Tactics Kickstarter some 18 months ago.  As I anxiously await my wave 1 Showdown pledge to ship to Canada, I have decided to begin working on a 4' x 6' terrain table for Mars Base Sara as seen in Episode 7 'Bye-Bye Mars'.

To begin, I did a bit of research taking images from the series as a template for the base's buildings and general layout.  Below is what I found.  (Note these images are property of Harmony Gold and are screen captures of the DVD's that I purchased and own)