Monday, 17 November 2014

Rescuing Lisa pt 3.

Wow, what a productive morning.  With the news that my kickstarter pledge will be here in a week or two, I was jacked up on protoculture.

'If I can sit here waiting patiently, everybody can!'

First off, I made more progress with the Riber barracks.  I added some detail with plastic card, gave it a painting and here is where its at.  I'll need to paint on some windows so Lisa can be rescued from within.

Next I decided to paint on some roads as seen in episode 7.  I am glad that I did as it definitely makes it look more like a base.

The base is getting crowded now.  Lots of terrain to shoot and scoot behind.

Lastly, I completed some detail with the Bio-dome.

It now has an exterior hatch and some panels around the outside.  It still looks like crap to me, but will pass until I find a dome with the proper look to it.

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