Thursday, 27 November 2014

18 Months of waiting... and it was worth it!

The day finally came.  At 2:30pm yesterday, wave 1 of my Showdown pledge arrived.

Yes, it was a terribly long wait, over 18 months to be exact, but boy was it worth it.  After screaming like a school girl at a One Direction concert, I fired up the Robotech Factory and began assembling mecha. 

Now I consider myself and experienced modeler (by the quantity of models I have made over the years) and I did not find these miniatures that bad.  The most difficult so far has been the Veritech battloid arms.  But after about 5 hours of building, I managed to complete the following Zentradi...

and a small batch of RDF.  (you can see just how small 6mm Minmay and Lisa are)

My goal today is to finish the contents of one of the Battlecry sets. 

That being said, I have tons more Robotech RPG Tactics goodness to share with you all.  3 more articles currently sit in draft format waiting to be shared plus articles on painting, terrain and scenarios.  So check back tomorrow for the next exciting episode of Robotech. :)

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