Saturday, 29 November 2014

Jeraro's Periscope

 There is a great scene in Bye-Bye Mars when the Zentradi solder Jeraro and his buried scout pod pokes it's sensor pod out of the ground to observe RDF movement.  Jeraro is then able to feed Lord Khyron intelligence on RDF activities.

Since there is nothing that really accurately represents the above periscope on the miniature sprew, I settled for modifying the existing sensor mast with and extension, antennae and sensor eye added.  ( I have 4 recon pods, so cutting up one for parts is no great loss)

In the above pic you can see the parts that were needed from the Glaug/Scout sprew.  I also used one of the large missiles from the Vertitech fighter sprew to make the mast longer, but any similar size diameter piece of plastic will do.  In addition you will need a standard sized base

Making the periscope will require some cutting as you will have to remove the wings off the flat radar part, glue a piece of antenna to the top, glue two antennae to the sides.  The periscope mast is made from the recon sensor pod mast, cut in two, then glued to either side of the mast extension (made from the veritech missile).  Sorry I did not take more pics, but I hope you can get the idea from the above description and pics).

Painting in 6mm is quite a challenge, so please excuse the shabby paint job, but I think I accurately represented Jeraro's periscope.

House Rules:

Jeraro's Periscope - Zentradi Special Force Asset

Cost:  10 pts

As long as there is a Glaug within 18" of Jeraro's periscope, your army will gain +1 command points.  Jeraro's periscope can be placed anywhere on the Zentradi half of the table.  The periscope is undetectable and can not be fired upon.

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