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Malcontent Uprisings pt 1.

Probably the most extensive work done for the Malcontent Uprisings in the Robotech universe is the story line in the Robotech Battlecry video game.

I actually have a copy of this game and it is the reason I have kept my PS2.

That being said, lets take a look at some of the characters from Robotech Battlecry and how you could integrate them into RRT.  (information based on the Robotech Saga Wiki)

First off, our Heroes:

Jack Archer:

Jack "The Giant Killer" Archer was a mercenary who later became a combat pilot, soldier, and RDF Wolf Squadron leader during the First Robotech War. He was a close friend of Roy Fokker, although he was separated from Roy in between the SDF-1's Space Fold from Macross Island and Roy's funeral six months later.

 Despite his reputation for being a rebel, Jack joined the military as soon as he was old enough to ensure his survival during the wars of the late 20th century. In the cockpit of a fighter jet, Jack quickly found that he had a natural gift for flying and combat. A protégé of Roy Fokker, Jack was one of the first pilots of the new Veritech Fighter and proved to be a valuable clutch in the first face-off against the Zentraedi invaders.

Where Jack Archer's military career really shined was during the Reconstruction Era after the climactic battle with Dolza's fleet.

Jack Archer spearheaded covert missions against rogue bands of Zentraedi forces under the command team of Lisa Hayes and Helen Chase. Also, He worked alongside Rick Hunter to rescue Lynn Minmey. During this campaign, Archer pursued the warlord Zeraal, who was working to sabotage Earth's rebuilding efforts. By 2015, he was the commander of Wolf Squadron.

Later in that year, Jack was trapped in a space fold with Zeraal. Zeraal was killed by Jack, and was left to suffocate in space, likely to die.

Special Character Traits:  Jack should cost 10 pts and grant +1 PIL and may re-roll one Dodge roll per turn.

Jack's Veritech:

Jack's veritech can be any model from 1A to 1S (leader of wolf squadron).  See VF-1R option 2 on pg 97.

Hiro Ishi:

Although Hiro Ishi was several years younger than Jack Archer, the two were classmates at the Robotech Academy where they became  friends admiring the skills of the other. After graduation, Hiro was assigned to a Destroid Tomahawk onboard the SDF-1 and was subsequently stranded onboard during the accidental hyperspace fold. While Jack remained on Earth, Hiro was defending the SDF-1 against constant Zentradi attacks. These initial experiences tainted his view of the Zentraedi and viewed them as little more than animals not deserving of any mercy.

After the Zentraedi bombardment of the Earth, Hiro and Jack were reunited at Base-6. At one point, Hiro wanted to kill a Zentradi instead of let it live. Jack stopped him, and earned the trust of the Zentradi, Skarrde, who later bacame a spy for the RDF. Their friendship was strained at times because of Hiro's attitude towards the Zentraedi and his inferiority complex with his Destroid assignment.

Special Character Traits:  Hiro should cost 10 pts and gains Accurate with his Tomahawk's Heavy Particle Accelerator Cannons.  His hatred of the Zentradi allows him to re-roll one Strike roll per turn when fighting Zentradi.

Hiro's Tomahawk:

 Hiro's Tomahawk is more Desert Yellow/Mustard in color than your standard tomahawk and with dark grey missile pods and accents.

Izzy Randal:
Izzy Randal was a friend and fellow pilot of Jack Archer.
Izzy, Hiro Ishi, and Jack all attended the Robotech Academy together. While Jack and Hiro could be argued as the best pilots coming out of their graduating class, the same could not be said for Izzy. Although possessing adequate piloting skills, her easy going manner provided the glue to keep the group together often soothing the bruised egos of Jack or Hiro. She and Hiro were both on board the SDF-1 during her return voyage where she honed her fighting skills. After the Zentraedi Bombardment, Izzy, Jack and Hiro were assigned to Base-6 where the group quickly renewed their prior friendship.

Izzy was shot down by the angry Zentradi pilot Kiyora, who wanted revenge on Jack for defeating her. Izzy returned to battle after recouperating in the hospital, and was captured by Kiyora. Kiyora threatend to kill Izzy if Jack didn't fight her. Jack killed Kiyora in response. After recovering in the hospital, she helped Jack look for Hiro after a battle, even though they weren't authorized to go on said mission.

Special Character Traits:  Izzy should cost 5 pts and grant +1 Leadership

Izzy's Veritech:

Izzy's VF-1A has essentially the same color pattern as Jacks, but in green. See VF-1R option 3 on pg 97.

Coming Soon:  Part 2 - The Villains

(Updated Nov 28/14)

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