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Malcontent Uprisings pt 2.

Before I begin with the Malcontents, I'd like to share a link for those who are struggling with assembly of their RRT miniatures.  Peter Nolen made this great reference document for the sprews.  Check it out and use when you assemble your minis.  RRT Sprew Reference

In part 2 we are going to look at some of the Zentradi baddies from the Robotech Battlecry game and what color schemes they used.  Sorry for the poor quality pics, they were the best I could find.

Information in italics was taken from on


Rank:  Former Commander in the Imperial Zentraedi Forces and commander of Zeraal's Ground Forces
Date of Emergence from Clone Chamber:  April 7, 1968
History:  Although not the most talented Zentraedi warrior, Skarrde has survived through many engagements giving him a wisdom that many of the younger Zentraedi lack.  Skarrde survived the Zentraedi bombardment and was one of the first Zentraedi soldiers recruited by Skarrde.  He progressed through the ranks and after only a couple of months was placed in command of all ground forces.  Although, he has had professional success he is troubled by the new found emotions which have arisen from his contact with Jack Archer, especially his loyalty towards his fellow soldiers.

Special Character Traits:  Skardde should cost 5 pts and grant +1 Leadership

 Skardde's Officer Pod:

 Skardde pilots a standard Gluag.  Like Zeraal's pod, it appears to be a darker shade of the standard Glaug.  

(See Glaug Option 3 on pg 107)

Rank:  Former Commander in the Imperial Zentraedi Forces and leader of the Scavengers.
Date of Emergence from Clone Chamber:  December 18, 1978
History:  Former battalion commander in Khyron's fleet, Gorian's ship was destroyed during the Zentraedi bombardment and crashed in North America.  He was never enthralled with human culture and brought together the disgruntled Zentraedi to form the Scavengers.   During the next 16 months, the Scavengers constantly harassed the RDF outposts stealing supplies and destroying any unprotected human settlements.  Although the Scavengers were all but destroyed by Jack Archer and the other personnel at Base-6, Gorian found a place in Zeraal's forces as head of his special operations a duty which he continues to serve with the utmost in ruthlessness.

Special Character Traits:  Gorian should cost 5 pts and grant +1 GN

Gorian's Power Armor:

Gorian operates a Nousjadeul-Ger aka 'Male power armor' that is a dark navy blue/purple and light grey with red highlights.  The weapon systems appear to be dark grey.


Rank:  Former Lieutenant in the Imperial Zentraedi Forces
Date of Emergence from Clone Chamber:  January 2, 1985
History:  One of the greatest female aces to emerge from the clone chamber, Kiyroa is believed to have destroyed over 250 enemy units prior to her deployment with the Imperial Grand Fleet above Earth.  During the battle she encountered Jack Archer and failed to best him in one-on-one combat, the first "defeat" of her career.  This event permanently scarred her and she developed an obsession of taking revenge on Archer.  To further this goal, Kiyora joins Zeraal and his forces to insure that she will meet Jack one last time in combat.

Special Character Traits:  Kiyora should cost 5 pts and grant + 1 PIL

Kiyora's Power Armor:

Kiyora pilots a Queadluun-Rau aka 'Female power armor' is a very dark purple with with dark grey accents and green markings.

(See Queadluun-gult Option 2 on pg 109)


Rank:  Former Captain in the Imperial Zentraedi Forces and leader of malcontent Zentraedi in North America
Date of Emergence from Clone Chamber::  July 29, 1972
History:  One of the few Zentraedi flag officers which survived from the Imperial Grand Fleet, Zeraal formed a resistance group to overthrow the weakened Robotech Defense Forces and take control of the Earth.  He has proven himself an expert tactician and a deadly enemy capable of marshaling a huge Zentraedi army.  The Robotech Defense Force will be hard pressed to defeat Zeraal alone and he could prove invincible if he joins forces with Khyron.  Fortunately for the RDF the two most capable Zentraedi commanders are not eager to share the glory with each other and would rather remain separated. 

Special Character Traits:  Zeraal should cost 10 pts and grant +1 Leadership, and May attack with an additional weapon system once per turn for free.

Zeraal's Glaug Eldare:

Zeraal pilots a Glaug Eldare that is a darker version of the standard Eldare.

Now that I have a copy of the rules in hand, I went back and ammended part 1, so check it out again for my stats on Jack, Izzy and Hiro. Malcontents pt 1

In part 3 we will look at some of the battle locations and terrain ideas from the game.

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