Tuesday, 18 November 2014

One Page Mecha Combat Rules

I've been wargaming for 29 years now and frankly, I'm getting too old for complex rule sets.  As my mind and friends grow old and feeble, I have developed an affinity for one page wargame rules.  Yes, I admit that I have not had a chance to play the RRT rule set and will give it a try when I get my copy.  But there is a lot to be said for gathering with your friends, handing them a simple rule set and getting to the action within a matter of minutes.  No codex of rules to flip through.  Everything is on one page, double sided.

So I wrote my own set of 'One Page' Mecha combat rules for use with Robotech.

 (don't bother trying to read the pic, just download the rules below)

The concept is that they are short in length (one page), no book keeping (all you need are wound markers), fast play, easy to learn, and can facilitate combat on a mass scale (100 figs).  Just print off the rules sheet with the army faction page on the back.  I prefer to laminate mine for durability. 

You can download it here:  Mass Mecha Combat Rule

Give the rules a try if you want, and send me some feed back as it needs play testing.

* Fixed link to updated rule set

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