Monday, 3 November 2014

Dome part 2 and the Hills have Zentradi

I was able to make progress on the Bio-dome today.  I found a 1" thick 12" diameter foam circle at Michaels for $8 (yikes.... good thing I had a coupon).

I wrapped the outside in painters tape to cover the texture of the styrofoam.  I'll give it a coat of white glue then paint it white to match the rest of the buildings.

Next I dry fitted the dome on top.  The inside I will spray paint light blue sometime later this week.

On to the Hills.  These were made from 1" thick blue foam insulation boards, rough cut using a knife, stacked, glued and based on 1/8" thick MDF that I cut to shape and sanded the edges on a belt sander.  They were then coated in white glue and gravely sand.

Followed by a coat of 'Mars red' paint.  Once dry, they will get dry brushed.

 Thats all for now as I am back to work tomorrow.  I hope to have another update for you this week.

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