Friday, 19 December 2014

10th Day of Khyron: Battle for Mars Campaign pt. 3

Welcome to the 3rd and final scenario for the Battle for Mars Base Sara.  First let me apologize that I missed some of the end scenario information for part 2.  Check it out again here:  Scenario 2

Scenario: 'Pick up Lt. Hayes.'

Khyron's forces have advanced deep onto Mars Base Sara and are closing in on the SDF-1.  Fortunately for the Earth defenders, Lt. Commander Lisa Hayes has set the base's reflex furnace to detonate.  The resulting explosion should not only knock out the gravity mines which keep the SDF-1 from taking off, but also destroy the remainder of Khyrons 7th Mechanized Division.  Unfortunately for the Zentraedi, they have no idea of the impending explosion.

6mm Lisa Hayes made from Z scale railroad people

But there is one problem, Commander Hayes is trapped in the room of her lost love Karl Riber, and can't make it back to the SDF-1 on her own.  Captain Gloval has dispatched Skull Squadron to rescue her.  If Lisa can be captured by the Zentraedi, she could provide much needed intelligence about the capabilities of the SDF-1.  Can Sergeant Rick Hunter find Lisa in time?  The clock is now ticking.

  Scenario Details:

  • Recovery
    • Prized Object: Lt. Commander Hayes
    • UEDF Restrictons:
      • Valkyrie Core Squadrons only
      • Valkyries including VF-S1s may be chosen for support.
      • Max, Myria or Ben Dixon may not be selected
      • Rick Hunter must be chosen as a character
    • Zentradi Restrictions:
      • Only Khyron, Grell, or Pirion-Galarr may be chosen as characters
      • Attack, Recon, Attrition or Artillery Core Squadrons only
      • Only Recon, Regult, Glaug and Artillery squads for support
  • Head to Head Deployment
  • Battlefield:  The entire battlefield should contain buildings from Base Sara.  (see Mars Base Sara Build)
  • End Game:   At the end of Turn 6, the base's reactor will detonate.  The side in possession of Lisa Hayes at that time will be declared the winner and be awarded 15 CVPs.  If Lisa is not found, then no points are awarded to either side and my beautiful Lisa is lost forever. :(

Campaign Results:
At this time you should total up the Campaign Victory Points awarded during the campaign.  The side with the highest number of points wins (See results below).

Victory - Khryon:  The Zentraedi have managed to inflict crippling losses on the SDF-1 preventing them from resupplying at Mars Base Sara.  The next attack on their space fortress will be their last.

Victory - SDF-1:  The crew has managed to resupply and avoid heavy casualties.  In doing so an entire division of enemy pods has been destroyed.

Tie:  Despite heavy losses on both sides, Khryon's division and the crew of the SDF-1 have survived to fight another day.

'I hate to lose a fight!'

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