Saturday, 13 December 2014

4th Day of Khyron: Battle for Mars Campaign pt. 1

 Its Day 4 and Khyron thinks you deserve a big gift today because you've been extra naughty!

The following campaign is based around Robotech episode 7 'Bye-Bye Mars'.  On its return voyage to earth, the SDF-1 lands near Mars Base Sara and begins to replenish its supplies from what is left at the abandoned base.  Little do they know, that Zentraedi Captain Khyron is waiting in ambush.  He has secretly deployed gravity mines below the fortress to prevent it from taking off, allowing his army to attack the space fortress in an attempt to capture it intact. Defending the SDF-1 are a couple companies of Tomahawks, Spartans, a few MkII Monsters and Valkyrie squadrons.  The defenders of the SDF-1 must buy time so that the base's reflex furnace can be detonated by Lt. Commander Hayes and the gravity mines destroyed.

The campaign is composed of 3 battles:

Scenario 1: 'Now kill Them!'  (5 CVPs)
Scenario 2: 'Send out a retreat order!' (10 CVPs)
Scenario 3: 'Pick up Lt. Hayes.' (15 CVPs)

The outcome of each battle will influence the one after. The winner of each scenario is granted a number of Campaign Victory Points or CVPs.  At the end of the campaign, the player with the highest total of Campaign Victory Points wins (the SDF-1 escapes Mars or is captured by Khryon).

The campaign can be played with 150, 300 or 450 points per side.

Scenario 1: 'Now Kill Them!'

With the SDF-1 trapped by Khyron's gravity mines, the maniacal Zentraedi Captain orders the attack to begin.  As swarms of Zentraedi battle pods enter the SDF-1 perimeter red zone, the 6th, 8th and 18th squadrons stand in their way.

 Scenario Details:
  • Take and Hold

    • UEDF Restrictons:
      • Armored, Brawler, Close Combat or Valkyrie Core Squadrons only
      • Only Tomahawks, Spartans and Valkyries including VF-S1s may be chosen for support.
      • Max, Myria or Ben Dixon may not be selected
      • Only one MKII Monster is allowed
    • Zentradi Restrictions:
      • Only Khyron, Grell, or Pirion-Galarr may be chosen as characters
      • Attack, Recon, Attrition or Artillery Core Squadrons only
      • Only Recon, Regult, Glaug and Artillery squads for support
      • Optional:   Jeraro's Periscope (House Rule)
  • Distant Engagement
  • Battlefield:  One half of the battlefield (Zentraedi Deployment) should contain rocks and hills, the other half (UEDF Deployment) should have buildings from Base Sara.  (see Mars Base Sara Build)
An example of the Blogger's battlefield for 'Now Kill Them!'

Example Forces:

UEDF (300 pts):
  • Armored Squadron of 4 Tomahawks with Command destroid upgrade
  • Brawler Squadron of 4 Spartans
  • Valkyrie Squadron with Rick Hunter
    • VF-1S with Roy Fokker
Zentraedi (295 pts):
  • Recon Squadron with Grell upgrade and Gluuhaug-Regult Squad
  • Attrition Squadron
  • Artillery Squadron with Regult squad upgrade
Swarms of Battle Pods advance to secure the downed Zentraedi Officer Pod.

Outcome Reward:

The victor in this scenario will gain +40 points to spend on forces for the next scenario.

Campaign Victory Points:
The Winner of this Scenario is granted 5 Campaign Victory Points.
Tomahawks hold off the enemy long enough for their comrades to capture the disabled Recon Pod.

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