Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The 12 Days of Khyron

Welcome to the 12 days of Khyron!  Over the next dozen micronian earth cycles, I will bring you a new Robotech RPG Tactics article each day.  I hope you are not on Khryon's naughty list or he has a reflex warhead with your name on it.

'On the First day of Christmas Lord Khyron brought to me...."

Day 1:  What's my objective?

(The Vertiech is based on a wooden disk I bought from Michaels Craft store)

The scenario 'Take and Hold' on pg 78 of the RRT rule book requires that you have 3 objective markers that the players will need to control in order to win the game.  I took an extra Glaug (I had 4), recon pod (again, I had 4) and vertiech battloid (extra with every box set) and turned them into objective markers.

It was as easy as:
  • assembled and pose them
  • Let the glue dry so that the limbs are solid
  • drilled a few bullet holes
  • cut them up with a set of sprew cutters and X-acto knife
  • count your fingers before and after the previous step.  Make sure you didn't lose any
  • bend any barrels you want (see the glaug)
  • based them
  • and paint them (I'll post a pic later this week when they are painted)
 Your armies can now rescue/capture a couple of downed pilots and recover the reconnaissance data from the pod.  Now those are objectives worth fighting for.

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