Thursday, 11 December 2014

The 12 Days of Khyron - Day 2

Its the 2nd day of Khyron and today we bring you Vermilion Squadron.  Yes its Rick Hunter, Max Sterling and Ben Dixon in their glory.  Since RRT dictates four veritechs per squadron, I added a brownie painting in the same scheme as Max and Ben.

(Form left to right its Ben, Rick, Max and Token Brownie pilot who I will name Ernesto)

I will paint my minis in their base colors then give them a satin clear coat, apply decals, clear coat one more time to seal the decals, then apply watered down black ink using a #0 brush to the recess lines on the wings, etc.

These lads look like they can get in a lot of trouble.  At 110 pts (80 + 10 for Rick, 10 for Max, 5 for Ben and 5 for SDF-1 Nose lasers) they can dish out a load of damage.

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