Monday, 15 December 2014

6th Day of Khyron: Battle for Mars Campaign pt. 2

In part 1 we looked at the first scenario in the 3 part Battle for Mars Base Sara Campaign.  Today we give you part 2.

Scenario 2: 'Send out a retreat order!'

With the outer defenses over run by Khryon's legions and the SDF-1 trapped by gravity mines, Captain Gloval comes up with a daring plan to detonate the bases reflex furnace and destroy the mines.  Lt. Commander Hayes desperately makes her way to the furnace control room while Gloval has given the order for UEDF mecha to retreat but first they must lure the enemy onto the base.

Khyron, unaware of the impending explosion, believes the SDF-1 forces to be fleeing the base and throws everything he can at the retreating earth mecha in an attempt to finish them off.

Scenario Details:

  • Pitched Battle
    • UEDF Restrictons:
      • Armored, Brawler, Close Combat, or Valkyrie Core Squadrons only
      • Only Tomahawks, Spartans, Defenders, Phalanx and Valkyries including VF-S1s may be chosen for support.
      • Max, Myria or Ben Dixon may not be selected
      • Only one MKII Monster is allowed

    • Zentradi Restrictions:
      • Only Khyron, Grell, or Pirion-Galarr may be chosen as characters
      • Attack, Recon, Attrition or Artillery Core Squadrons only
      • Only Recon, Regult, Glaug and Artillery squads for support

  •  Face Off Deployment
  • Battlefield:  The entire battlefield should have buildings from Base Sara.  (see Mars Base Sara Build).  Below you can see an example using my terrain table.
Outcome Reward:

The victor in this scenario will have initiative for the first turn of scenario 3.

Campaign Victory Points:
The Winner of this Scenario is granted 10 Campaign Victory Points.

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