Friday, 26 December 2014

SDF-1 Table pt. 1

Happy Boxing Day.  With a few days off, its time to get back into some RRT.

With my Mars Base Sara base complete, my mind drifts to a new project and I am strangely drawn to the challenge of building a table representing a portion of the SDF-1.

As with my Mars Base table, my work begins with research and there are a few episodes that make great references for designing a SDF-1 table top, specifically:

  • Sweet Sixteen - Episode 8
  • Battle Cry - Episode 16
  • Farewell Big Brother - Episode 18
  • Battle Hymn - Episode 22
  • Reckless - Episode 23
Based on viewing the above episodes, I have made a few observations

Colour:  The hull of the SDF-1 varies from light gray, to dark gray, to blue.  Ground markings on the hull are white, yellow and red.

Terrain:  Although the surface looks flat, there are numerous obstacles to fight around.  Hatches lead to a multitiered interior city where a great deal of the fighting occurred.


With the possibility of the battle breaching the exterior of the ship and entering the streets of Macross city, well the temptation is just too great.
  • Exterior of the ships hull
    • Turrets, and exterior buildings to block LOS
  • Access to the interior of the ship where Macross City is located
    • Streets, blocks for buildings
    • possible multiple levels
  • Modular set up to give both exterior and interior options and transition between the two.

The challenge is going to be fitting it on a 4'x6' table without it looking cramped.

So with that, my next phase awaits. 

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  1. Is there any more to be had? This blog is glorious. You don't typically see this much passion and dedication. Does the candle that burns twice as bright burn half as long?