Friday, 5 December 2014

Painted 300

 I emerged from my cave today, long bearded, my eyes squinting at the bright sun light.  I look and feel like a morlock, but it was worth it, for I have finished painting two armies.

300+ pts of Zentradi:

   An attrition squad lead by Khyron, a recon squad lead by Grell, and an artillery squadron with a regult squad in support.

Grell and Khyron

I also painted up one of those recovery pods.  I have some ideas on how to use these ugly things in a scenario.

On to 300+ pts of RDF:

 Brownies!!! (still some detailing to do, but for now they are done)

 Fire support Squadron

 Rick Hunter and Roy Fokker

 Close Quarters Squadron of Spartans

 Armored Squadron of Tomahawks

Having finished phase one, I took some time out today to play a 300 pt Dog Fight at Mars Base Sara. I will have pics and a report for you later tonight.  For now, here is a spoiler...

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