Tuesday, 16 December 2014

12 Days of Khyron - Day 7 Viva Miriya!

  Today we look at painting the sexiest green haired fighter pilot in the galaxy.  Formally known as Miriya Parina, she's a Zentraedi ace with a near fatal attraction to UEDF pilot Max Sterling.  They fell in love, married and produced a half-breed baby named Dana that who's very presence brought down an entire Robotech factory.

  At 10 pts she is a capable fighter with the Aggressive ability to re-roll all her strikes (only once per strike), she really shines when paired up with her blue haired husband Max.  When 4" or less from Max, she benefits from True Love and gains the Prescient ability which allows her to re-roll all of her dodge rolls (no single roll can be re-rolled more than once).  I can't wait to see how much damage these two will be able to dish out piloting super veritechs.

  Miriya's VF-1J paint scheme can be found at the bottom of pg 96 of the RRT rule book, but unfortunately, it is missing a few points.  Specifically the white stripe and arrow that is found under the arms as seen below.

I painted my Miriya using my usual methods of white primer, basic colours, clear coat, then pin washing the recessed lines using black ink.

Next I'll begin work on Max in his VF-1J.  Pics to come later during the 12 days of Khyron.

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