Wednesday, 17 December 2014

12 Days of Khyron - Day 8 Take it to the Max!

Welcome to the 8th Day of Khyron!  Yesterday we talked about Miriya in her VF-1J, so today we will take a look at her dashing husband and SDF-1 ace Max Sterling.
Max began his military career as a corporal serving under Rick Hunter in Vermilion Squadron.  Along side his companion Ben Dixon, Max quickly established himself as one of the best fighter pilots aboard the SDF-1 scoring an impressive number of enemy kills

The boy in blue was promoted to Lieutenant shortly after the SDF-1 returned to earth, and got his own VF-1J after his marriage to Miriya.  I can only imagine that the matching paint pattern was Miriya's idea, I mean come on Max... give Miriya her purse back and grow a set!

  In gaming terms, Max will cost you 10 pts and comes with a +1 GN and the Prescient skill which allows Max to re-roll all of his Dodge rolls that fail (no single roll can be re-rolled more than once).  If Max is 4" or less from his fem-fatal Miriya Sterling, he gains her Aggressive trait allowing Max to re-roll all his Strike rolls (no single roll can be re-rolled more than once).

 Max's VF-1J in 3 modes

The original Mr. and Mrs. Smith

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